Interactive Laser 360 Degree Rotation Electronic Cat Toy

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  • Perfect Playmate For Cats: The Interactive Laser 360 Degree Rotation Electronic Cat Toy is designed to captivate a cats attention, mimicking the excitement of hunting. It keeps cats exercised and energetic, providing a fun and engaging playtime experience. The automatic power feature allows the toy to be a playmate even when owners are not at home, while also conserving battery power for extended use. The toy offers 5 adjustable laser ranges with different speeds and an irregular 360° turning route, ensuring that cats never get bored while providing a delightful chasing experience. Both owners and cats can enjoy a colorful and interactive pet life.
  • Automatic On/Off Play: To prevent overexertion, the interactive cat toy automatically shuts down every 15 minutes of play, allowing for rest intervals and keeping cats curious and engaged without becoming exhausted. After each play session, the toy turns on automatically every 1.5 hours, providing ongoing entertainment for cats even when their owners are away.
  • 5-Adjustable Circling Ranges: Depending on the available play area, such as the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, the automatic cat toy can be placed anywhere, and the laser rolling ranges can be adjusted accordingly. A larger play area excites cats, encouraging them to chase and jump, promoting healthy exercise and mental stimulation.
  • USB Chargeable: The toy can be conveniently charged via USB (USB cable included), ensuring a reliable power source without the need to worry about battery levels when you are out. Alternatively, it can be powered by four AA batteries (not included), allowing for easy travel.