Dog Sniff Bowl Snuffle Mat

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  • Safety and High Quality: Our Dog Sniff Bowl Snuffle Mat is crafted using premium environmentally friendly felt fabric and waterproof oxford cloth. It boasts excellent color retention, durability, is safe, non-toxic, wear-resistant, and bite-resistant, ensuring the well-being of your pet's eyes and nose.
  • Multi-Functional Design: This versatile mat serves not only as a snuffle mat but also as a feeding bowl. Its convenient loop belt allows for easy hanging, and the anti-slip design ensures that your dog remains focused during use.
  • Enhanced Scent Sensation: Mimicking the scents found in grassy fields, this snuffle pad stimulates your dog's natural curiosity and enhances their exceptional sense of smell. By encouraging natural foraging behaviors, it transforms mealtime into an engaging game, reducing stress and excess physical energy.
  • Easy To Use and Clean: The foldable design of this mat allows for effortless carrying and storage. It's also machine washable for your convenience; simply rinse with warm soapy water or clean in the sink to keep the mat fresh and hygienic.
  • Inspiring, Stimulating, and Fun Nose Sniffing Pad: Our snuffle mat entices small and medium-sized dogs with enticing scents while providing a textured surface for their searching and imitating behaviors. It offers a captivating alternative to mundane dog toys, making it especially beneficial for puppies who may be lacking exercise or for pet owners who are unable to engage in outdoor activities. 
  • Why Your Dog Needs a Dog Sniff Bowl Snuffle Mat: This Sniff Bowl Snuffle Mat provides stress relief, interactive playtime, and can act as a slow feeder to aid in digestion. It's many things all in one!