Long Handle Pet Pooper Scooper

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  • Strong And Sturdy: Are you frustrated by the lack of a reliable tool to handle your pet's waste? Look no further than the Balhvit Pooper Scooper, a specially crafted solution constructed from heavy-duty ABS non-stick material. We understand your need for strength and durability without compromising on lightweight convenience. Unlike other brands, our scooper features a thicker slot connection design, ensuring exceptional sturdiness and break-resistant performance.
  • Portable And Compact Design: Experience the ease of our foldable and portable design. Say goodbye to complicated tools! With just one simple step, slide down the lock for quick and effortless use. When you're finished, unlock and fold the scooper in half for convenient carrying and storage. The Balhvit Pooper Scooper is your ideal companion for maintaining cleanliness in your backyard. Embrace your responsibility as a pet owner and make the smart choice.
  • Easy To Clean: Equipped with strong claws and well-spaced serrated teeth, our scooper is highly effective in picking up waste from various surfaces such as grass, concrete, gravel, and dirt. The non-stick plastic buckets seal tightly, and a quick rinse is all it takes to keep them clean. The specially designed large-capacity bucket is suitable for use with large dogs, small dogs, cats, and other pets.
  • Ergonomic Comfortable Design: Our scooper is designed for ergonomic comfort. The double spring design ensures high durability and reliable closure, preventing any issues with loosening or displacement. With its 24-inch long handle featuring a charming non-slip dog paw print, you can effortlessly operate the scooper with just one hand. The easy-pull handle and two durable springs guarantee a hassle-free experience when scooping up your pet's mess.